Thursday, October 15, 2015

Running a depreciation projection in AX

Wish you could project depreciation for the coming year for budget purposes?  While AX doesn't have a formal depreciation projection function, with a little creativity, we can create one.

Step 1 - Create a new Fixed Asset Proposal journal.  Give it a descriptive name and add 'DO NOT POST' to the description, just to be safe.  The last thing we want to post a year or more of depreciation inadvertently.

Step 2 - Click the Lines button, then Proposals>>Depreciation.  Set the 'To date' to the depreciation end date.  You can also filter the proposal by Fixed asset group and/or Value model.  Click OK and sit back and wait for the proposal to generate.

Step 3 - Once the Lines window is populated, press Ctrl-t to transfer the results to Excel.  At this point, you can also enter a Release date way in the future to be extra safe about not posting this journal.

Step 4 - Filter or Pivot the results in Excel to limit the periods in your projection to the desired result set and group the results as desired.


Voila - a depreciation projection for your enjoyment.