Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dynamics AX Task Recorder Screenshots

I found out recently that Task Recorder in AX7 does not create screenshots by default when exporting a task recording as an MS Word document.  Oddly enough, one has to be running the Chrome browser and download and install an extension to Chrome to enable screenshot capture in Task Recorder.  Once this is enabled, screenshots will be captured in the Word doc, just as we've been accustomed to in previous AX versions.

Here's the link to the instructions and the extension download:  https://ax.help.dynamics.com/en/wiki/task-recorder-in-ax7/#screenshot-extension-setup.


  1. Hi there! Thank you for all of the advices you publish for us! I'm introducing Microsoft Dynamics AX soon with anegis consulting, so I will need lots of knowledge to start working with the software.

    1. You are most welcome! I've been very remiss in posting for a long time but intend to do so more diligently.