Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beware the Penny Difference

If you're using Project Management & Accounting and Accounts Receivable in AX (D365 for Ops) and you have a Maximum penny difference and Maximum over/underpayment value set here in A/R Parameters>>Settlement -

Any Project invoice for an amount less than or equal to the Maximum over/under payment tolerance will transfer automatically to the general ledger account you have specified here -

When you post the Project invoice, it will post and offer this message -

And here are the journal vouchers created upon posting, indicating the write off from A/R account to the Rounding account.

Strange but true!

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  1. Hello Sir Need Help for our error in statement posting with error message of
    Error in unit of amount in currency PHP. Must be rounded to 0.01.
    The unit of -14.4514285714285700 PHP being posted to account 20010200009 is outside the current penny rounding threshold.